Qwikrazor87 releases exploit files for Hot Brain & Arcade Darts

Just a yesterday qwikrazor87 announced that he had two more exploits for the PSVita firmware 3.36, which are Hot Brain & Arcade Darts. So you bought one of the exploit games and now you are just waiting for the files to be released and thanks to qwikrazor87 here they are…

ARK-2 for Hot Brain and this one is US only.

Ark2 psvita

README: “Transfer the ULUS10268PROFILE.P00 save to your Vita.
Start Hot Brain > Load Game > load save > Multiplayer.
ARK should start after this, if not, then click on “Join Game” on the next screen.
If ARK still does not start, then go to Settings on the live area, enable wifi and disable flight mode.
And no, you do not need to connect to an access point.
Now try it again.”


 VHBL installer for Arcade Darts on 3.36.


README: Make sure that your base game is installed and able to run before running this installer.
Use fake_np to sign VHBL.ISO with your base game.
The base game must NOT be a crappy minis or 3.18 exploit game (that includes not using Arcade Darts as the base).
Place the signed VHBL.ISO (end result should be EBOOT.PBP) into NPUZ00097SLOT00 (or NPEZ00053SLOT00).
Update PATH.TXT to the path of your base game.
So if Uno EU is your base game, place this in PATH.TXT:
Transfer NPUZ00097SLOT00 (or NPEZ00053SLOT00) and VHBL01234 to your Vita.
If you get a red screen, transfer the Arcade Darts save back and check LOG.TXT to see where it fails.
If you get a green screen, rebuild the Vita database and launch your base game, VHBL should launch if you use a good base game.



So lets thank qwikrazor and please consider making donating to him via PayPal! Every little bit helps to  shows him how much we enjoy his work.

If you also need any help with Fake_NP we have some useful guides here.. hackinformer.com/forum and guide-on-how-to-install-vhbl-bubble


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  1. did sony remove arcade darts from store?
    couse i cant found it… i have an european store