PSVita: TN-V bubble ISO/Homebrew Loader Creator Released

Do you still have a hard time making bubbles for your PSVita on firmware 3.18? So do you want a easy way to make bubbles on your PSVita. Well developer leecherman has done just that, with his easy to use TN-V bubble ISO/Homebrew Loader creator tool for firmware 3.18. What makes this tool so special, is you will be able to do this all in one shot on a nice GUI. So no more messing around with all those other tools just to make a custom or home-brew bubble.


Download: TN-V bubble ISO/Homebrew Loader 

Just Drag’n’Drop EBOOT.PBP file to the first input field then. Add the full path of the ISO\Homebrew into the second field. Type the Current Cloned Bubble-ID of the game into the third field. If you want to add a boot screen image, add any image into the forth field.

Press on the Save icon to Save the loader file,and this tool will create a folder that based on the Cloned-Bubble ID,that contains EBOOT.PBP file and also the required files to start TNVLoader. One of these files named PATH.TXT, this text file contains the full path to the ISO\CSO\EBOOT.PBP file which you entered it into the second field. You can change the location inside the PATH.TXT if you want to launch another file. But you cannot copy the files from the Cloned-Bubble ID Game folder into another one,
Because it will not work, so if you want to recreate the files, run this tool and enter the new Cloned Bubble-ID game.TNVBubbleISOLoaderCreator-FTP
You will need to have a TN-V on your vita FW 3.18 with the installed 660.PBP file.
Go to Recovery menu -> Configuration and ENABLE Auto run program at PSP/GAME/BOOT/FBOOT.PBP
After doing that, Copy all the created files to your /PSP/GAME/ClonedBubbleID/
If you changed\moved\renamed the ID or any file, then it will fail to launch the loader.

And the best of that, you can copy ISO\CSO files to your Music folder throw CMA and launch these files directly from Bubble!! ( just append .mp3 to you iso\cso filename ) Also you can play ISO\CSO\Homebrew from Bubble with plugins Enabled!

Other Note:
The supported image files are:
*.PNG, *.JPG, *.JPEG, *.BMP, *.GIF
If the image dimension larger\smaller than the default size ( 480×272 )
This tool will automatically resize it to the required size.
TNV Bubble ISO Loader Creator for PSVita Written By LMAN © 2015

Microsoft DotNet v2.0.


Special Thanks to:
Tota_Noob, qwikrazor87, tpu, cue.

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  1. would this work for 3.36 or is it just for 3.18 any plans for a 3.36 function in the future .

  2. Is there away to make it work with the 3.36 homebrew ISO on 3.36 FW Vita’s ?

  3. I need help I cant figure out what to do I put the files in it but it doesn’t work could I get a complete tutorial or something?