PSVita Pong by Barnabe42 is it a Native Hack

A while back we found out the psvita was exploitable though the web browser. Now nothing has happen recently with the web-kit, but it looks like we may have something with Barnabe42, pong for the psvita.wpid-screenshot_2015-02-12-07-40-15-1 copy

Now, we have tested it and seems to be working fine, but the only thing we notice is that the vitapong maybe just a web-application made with html5 and uses the gyroscope rather than an “actual” native hack. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Here what Freakler had to say about this vitapong.

I though the goal of wololo challenge was to write the Pong PoC in ROP directly so that it’s natively processed.

I can’t remember if the gyroscope could be used for this too: … lay-games/
But yes it’s simple java and he even got the windows Key Listeners in his source.. (its a pong sample from the internet)

Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to play with, but maybe not what was asked for in wololo challenge..

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