More Exploits for the PSVita FW 3.36 if you missed out.

The epsp hacking scene has been raining exploits lately, thanks to qwikrazor87 and if you missed out on the last two exploits. Qwikrazor87 is nice enough to provide two more exploits for firmware 3.36 and the first one is Hot Brain at $9.99. wpid-20150206_232653.jpgThis exploit can also be used on the Playstation TV and Hot Brain will be able to run Ark.Ark2 psvita








The other exploit is Arcade Darts, once again the never ending exploit.wpid-20150206_190654.jpg

Now the only downside to Arcade Darts is that it requires you to have a PS3 to transfer it to the psvita or pstv. Because you can not download on ether system. This expliot is going to be a VHBL installer just like Papaton2, so you’re going to need a psp game and not a mini for this one. So Arcade Darts can inject VHBL into the base game (psp game) your going to use for launching VHBL.


So now your chance to get ether exploit for the psvita or pstv, before sony pulls these one from the store. The file have not been released yet as he is probably just double checking everything before the release.

Lets not forget to thank qwikrazor87 as none of this wouldn’t be possible, with out him. You can thank him by donating a little something to him via pay pals here cuz, every little bit show how much we enjoy this work.

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  1. What if I was living under a rock during this time? Any luck qwikrazor87 will release another exploit? Really hoping I can do this to my Ps TV