Do you want to take your PlayStation TV with you…?

While I was surfing the net, I ran a cross the DEKAVITA7 from GameTech. They have made a display adapter, to make the PSTV portable. I’m sure you’re wondering why the hell would you need the PSTV on the go. Well there’s only two good things about this device, one is when you use PS4 remote play. you will have the L2,R2, buttons. Two: you could use it as a 7inch PSP with TN-V, ARK, VHBL, (coming soon TN-X) or even bubbles, since the PSTV can only play one third of the PSVita games.

Here’s the run down about the DEKAVITA7 from GameTech.

1)Play PSVita/PSP games in a 7″ displaylb_01DEKAVITA7 has an IPS display which is equivalent to the image quality of iPad2.

lb_022)Just attach your PSTV to the back of
DEKAVITA7 and that’s it you are all set to play. It has lithium battery that gives you about 5  hours of game play. * Playing times vary depending on conditions”.

lb_064)Supports PS4 remote play and can be used as a PS3 controller with display.


You can connect the DEKAVITA7 as a external display, but requires a..* USB conversion adapter (female – male) ×1,HDMI conversion adapter (female – female) ×1 and HDMI cable (male – male) ×1 are required which are not included.


You can get your hands on this device in the end of May, 2015 for more info go to..

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  1. hahaha kiss my ass i have ps vita slim. but plz post an article about TN-X