Talking point: Sony ending discovery content on PSN at the end of 2023

The Sony brand recently shook up the digital industry a week ago by announcing on December 2, 2023 that they will end discovery channel content on their PlayStation store, leaving many subscribers who purchase video content at a loss. This is terrible news for those that purchase content and will no longer have access to it –

This will only get worse since Nintendo did the same thing to Wii U and 3ds owners by shutting down their eshop in March 2023 of this year.

To make it clear for you! Owning physical media is always better than owning it digitally! There is no news on if Sony will be issuing refunds (which is the right thing to do ) but they should at least take away the download tab that way no one would download content and lose it at the deadline date!


here is a list of titles that is schedule to disappear on December 31, 2023. Almost 1200 titles !!👀👀



what do you think of the Discovery shutdown on the PlayStation store ? Let us know on Twitter .

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