What is Vulkan API and how will it affect mobile gaming?

With Android 7.0 slowly making its way to all our devices makes this the right time to discuss, ‘Vulkan’.

What exactly is this ‘Vulkan’ thing?

So Vulkan is a cross-platform graphics API, known as ‘OpenGL next’ before release. Announced in 2015, Vulkan is built upon the works of AMD’s Mantle API which AMD donated to Khronos for them to build a low-level API upon.

Just like OpenGL ES on Android versions before 7.0, Vulkan being its next generation successor provides even better performance, and tests show a remarkable decrease in CPU usage, all of which translates into efficiency and better battery life in the end.

Moreover, Vulkan isn’t limited to only Android, it currently works on Windows, Linux and Android. Vulkan was also showcased with the Samsung Galaxy S7, running games like HIT and Vainglory, with Far better effects and like i said less battery usage.

Here are some awesome videos, eye candy if i must say, just imagine playing these on your device and the battery barely drains at all.

Apart from all of these games a couple are in beta as of now, like Vainglory, which is , the only Mobile eSports M.O.B.A game with it’s own championship’s and titles.

Also, here is Vulkan, performing its best with DOOM on PC. (cross-platform is the best isn’t it)

So I’d like to end this saying that, Vulkan is, in my opinion a very strong and efficient API, that will greatly impact gaming in the coming years as more and more games start adopting it in.


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  1. It would be nice if this dominates the gaming market.

    • Since it’s open, it will dominate the market… Also, the marketing alone for less battery drain is too good to pass up for many vendors. This also limits the mess ups with some of their atrocious support of drivers when they factor in Vulkan.
      They win, consumers win, we all win.
      As for Windows, that is a different story. Remember they still have DirectX 12 that they are peddling.
      When Vulkan comes out of infancy however, DirectX12 will start looking obsolete while cross platform becomes a bigger thing.

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