Guide to getting your own custom skin for Steam

Let’s be real, everyone uses steam, and while we’re being real, it’s black and gray skin is pretty boring and as something a gamer uses all the time, some visual change is always welcomed. So I’ve discovered this only now and I might be pretty late to the party as I’m seeing skins that have been submitted like 3 years ago, but hey, better late than never. Well then let’s get right into SteamCustomizer.


Yes, it’s a well designed clean site with a drag and drop style interface to eliminate any hassle involved with, say, manual theme-ing. So go ahead and head on over to steamcustomizer.comYou’ll be greeted with two options, Create | Explore. The community fueled skin database is pretty good and has some sweet skins that I downloaded for myself too so you’d wanna check some of those out first, might find a couple that you want to use for the time being.

Now, what if you want your own ‘dank’ custom skin?

It’s pretty simple, just hit ‘Create’ to enter the easy drag and drop theme-ing portal.


Right there is a simple overview of what’s what, for changing the main theme you want to look into ‘Main UI Styles’, choose your desired Font and Colors and head over to the ‘Client Styles’ tab.

This picture below sums up on most of what option changes which color so you can just change as per your wish.


Apart from that, there are two more tabs called ‘Friends’ and ‘Dialog’ with more of the same options so you can set whatever color and font you wish to have in those menus too.

Once you’re done with making your skin, if you think that you want to share it with the community hit ‘Submit’ up top and then ‘Download’ it, or just go ahead with the download. You should end up with a file ending in ‘.stskin’. To apply this skin you need to install their tool called ‘Steam Customizer’, easily available on the top right as ‘Download Tool’. You can also get it from here. Once you’re done downloading, just open the .stskin with a double click and— Voila! 

In case you want to revert back to some old skin or the default skin, launch the ‘Skin Manager’ tool which will allow you to do so.

I hope you enjoyed this and I have faith you’ll get yourself a new awesome skin. I’ll be back soon with some more quality content.

Demolasher36, out for now

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