How to install the Whitelisthax on the PSTV with HENkaku on FW3.60


Now that HENkaku has been released for the PSVita and PSTV we are able to reinstall quite a few things from the emailhax, like custom themes for example. Well if you can install custom themes why not install the whitelist hax on your PSTV too.

I found that there are 3 way to do this to the PSTV with HENkaku and molecule shell, the first thing you need to have on your PSTV is Henkaku and FW3.60 of course, now if you miss it you can find it here.

The first way to install the whitelist is to use version 1 of the hack when it was first released.

Download: list_launch_vita.dat

Now launch molecule shell on the PSTV, bring up FTP by pressing select and run FileZilla on the PC. Navigate to ur0:/gmae/launch in there you will see the  list_launch_vita.dat file. PSTV whitelist hax FW3.60Now just swap it out with the one you just downloaded, and that’s it, you can close everything and launch your favorite game or app you couldn’t. Note that the first version of the whitelist hax does not have the same compatible as version 2.

How to install ver2 of whitelist hax

The way to install the whitelist hax ver2 on to the PSTV is by doing the same steps but instead, we are going to get the app.db file. Launch molecule shell on the PSTV, bring up FTP by press select and run FileZillailla on the PC. Navigate to uro:/shell/db, you will see the app.db file, grab it and place it on your desktop.PSTV whitelist ver2 hax FW3.60

Now you are going to need SqliteBrowser to modify the file, just like we did with the emailhax

Download: sqlitebrowser

Open the app.db file up with sqlitebrower  and select the Execute SQL tab.pstv sqlite

Copy the following SQL code,

PSTV whitelist ver2 hax

Download: Whitelist hax ver2

Paste it in the SQL field and hit the ‘Play‘ button.



Hit Write Changes and close the program. Now you are done with modifying the app.db file and can install it back in the PSTV the same we took it out, by using molecule shell, bring up FTP and running FileZilla on the PC. Then navigate to uro:/shell/db and put the modify app.db file in it by dragging and dropping in there. Once you are done, you will have to restart the PSTV for this to take effect.

Easy to install whitelist hax as a vpk file.

The third way to install the whitelist hax ver1 is super easy as Kankertje as put together a vpk file for molecule shell to install on the PSTV. Just like other homebrew you may have installed with molecule shell you place the vpk file in ux0: directory using FTP and then use molecule shell to install it and you’re done.

Download: whitelisthax enabler

Download: AnitBlcklist

The first version of the whitelist hax will do the trick just fine for you but it can be easily wiped out by refreshing the live area or updating a game or app. Now I see this as a benefit with version 1 of the hack right now as when you use version 2 of the whitelist hack you can’t update any games or apps since it locks them out. Then on the flip side with version 2 you will have a better compatibility rate with games. Just beware that not every single game will be compatible once you do the hack but you will noticed that a lot do work. Check out our game compatibility list with version 2 here and maybe help make it grow..

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  1. How well does it work with blacklisted digital games? Some have reported that it only works for Vita cards, not digital downloads. Personally, I have digital downloads of Crazy Market and Wipeout2048 downloaded to my 3.52 PSTV and they both play fine with Mr.Gas’s whitelist hack installed.

    • Its the same hack from 3.52. It doesn’t matter about digital or carts, just some games just still won’t work after the hack but there so many you can paly as you know.

      • I updated my 3.51 PSTV with the original Whitelist hack. Everything worked well the first time, I updated to 3.60 and tried all 3 methods mentioned above. None of my digital downloads work. PS3 tut worked well, thanks.

        • Which digital downloads did you try?

          • Both Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter Collection, Sony All Stars, and a few others. All of them give a not supported error and suggest a game update.

          • Are you sure you installed it correctly? I had trouble installing the old whitelist hack initially. How well do your physical blacklisted games work?

            I have the physical copy of Ratchet and Clank, and it plays on my 3.52 hacked PSTV. I haen’t tried the Henkaku options yet.

          • Yeah I have quite a few digitals and they still worked for me. Even on my JP account all psp games that don’t work still work fine with the hax. This still work as I did this for a lot of people that updated and missed out, no thing has changed.

  2. My physicals work fine, I can play uncharted off of the card but none of my digitals including realboy.

    • Have you tried reinstalling it? I understand that the Henkaku Whitelist hack deactivates after you shutdown the PSTV and needs to be re-activeated after every power up.

      • I went through the process probably 10+ times, no luck on games downloaded directly to the PSTV through psn (all were downloaded upon upgrading to 3.60). I just tried copying PS all-stars from an older vita version I had on QCMA and it works flawlessly. What’s really odd is that the PSTV won’t play some homebrew. I get error when trying to boot realboy and vitaFTP. Hopefully the QCMA trick works for those as well.

        • Well then my service method seems to be the only thing that holds up, but you can’ t use henkaku on the system.

          • Hmm? Why do you say that? I have installed Henkaku and the SNES & GBA emulators with roms and they worked well. The physical cards worked fine with the whitelist the first time. I only had an issue with digital downloads directly to my PSTV. I would guess realboy and vitaFTP were built off of games that were on the unplayable on PSTV list. Downloading/installing with my vita then transferring to my PSTV has worked on everything including new DLs on 3.60 and emulators that were unable to start. Hopefully this helps someone that was in my position.

          • I just spent the last two hours or so testing the equipment. I tried option 3 and it worked on the first try. My digital blacklisted games worked fine. For the record, I had transferred those from the PS3 using Vita Update Blocker and QCMA long ago when I was still on 3.52.

  3. Someone expanded upon this with a whitelist specifically for the PSP, making games like Gradius Collection and Dracula X run on the PSTV. Any chance someone could add that to this app?

  4. I’m afraid to report that Sony has released firmware update 3.61, and it is required to access the PSN. It also seems that HENkaku does not work on 3.61. My PSTV and Vita are still on 3.60. Can anybody confirm if the whitelist has been officially taken down with this latest exploit or do we still need to stick to 3.60 and resort to the hack?