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Sharpscale for Vita and Vita TV Released

This whole time what has been left of the Vita scene has been clamoring for a native HDMI output. There was even a bounty for it that seemed to be ever-increasing. That bounty was recently achieved by “cuevavirus”. The developer who made this may not have a name that is …

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PSVita/PSTV: vitaQuake ported for HENkaku

Well know developer Rinnegatamante has just release a vitaQuake a for for either  Rejuvenate/HENkaku. It nice to see ports all ready being converted for HENkaku and hope that this is just one of the many more we’ll see come to the Vita. It’s based on winQuake ( https://github.com/id-Software/Quake/tr … r/WinQuake ) …

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