PSVita/PSTV: How To Install VHBL Bubble on FW3.60 with HENkaku 変革

With the awesome release of HENkaku  this morning, we keep getting asked how to install a VHBL bubble?

VHBL bubble

Well I come today with just the answer for that and a bit of a guide on how to make this happen

First, you will need to have HENkaku installed, PSP demo/full game for your base game (I’m using Fieldrunners),FTP on your PC (FileZilla is free and works well), and the files right here!


Ok lets just right into this, shall we?

  1. Make sure you have HENkaku booted.
  2. Go download  and install your PSP demo/game.
  3. Load up molecular Shell, hit select or use your FTP bubble you may already have installed.
  4. Connect to your PS Vita/PSTV with FTP.
  5. Put pboot.pbp  (that came in the .rar you got from the beginning) in ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/xx/ replace xx with your game name. (If you don’t know the game folder ID look here for minis).
  6. Put the folder VHBL01234 in ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA (So it looks like this: ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/VHBL01234).  Note: You can also transfer the vhbl01234 game save with cma or qcma on the pc, just place it in the psavedata folder on you pc. It’s were cma or qcma keeps all your files for the vita or pstv.
  7. Reboot into recovery (just hold right trigger and home as yo press power till the list with rebuild shows up), rebuild db’s, and that’s it you will see your new bubble in your live area!!!

Now to install homebrew in VHBL all you need to do is grab this Master Pack.

Place the INSTALL.ZIP of the emu you want in the ux0:/pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA

Then  go to the SAVEDATA folder from within your newly installed VHBL bubble and follow the on-screen instructions.

There you have it you now have an emu installed, now you can add roms with your FTP in the emu folder found inside your VHBL folder or with molecule shell!!!

Also, demo’s you can use are petz saddle club, Loco Midnight Carnival (if you have a ps3 to get it in your download list)  for the US and Ape Quest for the EU. Any other PSP game, mini or demo will work for this method on the PSVita or PSTV.

Here are some easy to install emultors homebrew for vhbl and how to install them.

PSVita: Easy to Install Emulators & Homebrew for VHBL

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  1. Awesome work. Is it possible to get a Tn-v bubble on this firmware using the henkaku?

  2. Keep getting a white screen then errors out?

  3. For me that method dosent works I do step by setp and nothing change

  4. Is the restriction on the PSP/GAME folder still existant, now that we ve got vita shell?

  5. Can someone help me?! I looked on the store and there is no PSP Demos on my vita. Where can I find a PSP demo?

  6. So what the hell do I do if after selecting rebuild database, it reboots and now I just get a black screen? I can’t boot into the OS.

  7. Still can’t get it going I know it should be easy but doesn’t work at all. Boo

    • Well if it doesn’t turn you psp game you want to use into a vhbl bubble after you safemode & rebuild the data base, that mean you didn’t put the pboot in the right place. It goes inside of the psp game you want to use it will where the eboot is located at. For example, I used loco so I put the pboot in ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/NHGU003018/. This trick has been around for a long time and was used since FW3.00 all the way up to FW3.55. Now that we have HENkaku we can access the game folder and do it again.

  8. im trying using littlebigplanet psp. i follow the details, and when vhbl shows up, it doesnt load, just keeps backing out.

  9. hi all,
    runs after the fw from 3.52 t o3.60 update, my exists TV-N bubble further? thnaks for replay

  10. vhbl dont show me emus in games , any ideas why? i have to installed from vhbl

  11. Personaljoeyjojo

    When I try to boot it I just get the error message E-ffffffff, what should I do

    • Redo do it over again, and make should you put the vhbl game save in the right spot and use cma or qcma to transfer it. Still happens try a different game as your base..

  12. i got ape quest change to vhbl bubble, but when i start it i get only white screen and then an error (c1-2858-3)

  13. OK I have been struggling with this but have come back to say I’ve done it. Start from scratch erase the memory card and system and it worked first time on a fresh download. Thanks

  14. after i place the ‘INSTALL.ZIP” the vhbl still saying : Error couldnt find any homebrew in ….. please check your config file and/or restart HBL ://// ant help?

  15. l i do not have this SAVEDATA folder: ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/SAVEDATA :/

  16. Hey I am trying to install my other homebrews with this method. But when I start them from live area it just shows red screen.

  17. are you making bubbles of other homebrew, or are installs inside VHBL going to a red screen??

  18. i hate to say this but 1 it may just be easier to run them from VHBL for now 2 see if you can turn them into .VPK files and install them that way. there really is no need to have all of them in bubble form if you can just run them from one bubble like a Swiss Army bubble : { )

  19. In the pspemu folder i have only the bgdl folder … I don’t have the PSP folder :/

  20. I don’t have any data on “ux0:pspemu/” after install Demo game (Wipeout 2048 Demo)

    What’s wrong?

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