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3DS: Kuma-Tomo gets a surprising localization as Teddy Together

Japanese virtual pet/miscellaneous Nintendo 3DS game Kuma-Tomo (lit. Bear Friend) is getting a surprise European release as Teddy Together on July 1st. Kuma Tomo was originally developed by Arika (Street Fighter EX series, Tetris: The Grand Master series, Endless Ocean) and published by Bandai Namco in 2013. Localized game Teddy Together should be …

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Amiiqo Product Review and Giveaway!!

www.NFCGM.com Team Hackinformer recommends picking up Amiiqo at NFCGM to get a decent price and good customer service. NFCGM is an USA reseller and all stock ships directly from California, USA. Check out their site here. It seems like only yesterday, I discovered the wonders of Amiiqo and Maxlanders. DLC’s …

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3DS: FW9.8 is now available

It was gonna happen sooner or later, but here it is… the latest and greatest for the 3DS: FW9.8. Not a lot has changed but these days useless firmwares are a dime a dozen. The changelog is as follows: “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have …

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