Software Release: Checkpoint 3.8.0 for 3DS/Switch

For the first time in what seems like a long time (2 years), we’ve got another Checkpoint release. We’ll discuss what Checkpoint is, why you should use it, what’s new, and how to install it. Let’s do the damn thing!

What is Checkpoint:

A fast and simple homebrew save manager for 3DS and Switch written in C++.

Why use Checkpoint:

Checkpoint is created following ideas of simplicity and efficiency. The UI has been designed to condense as many options as possible, while keeping it simple to work with.

Moreover, Checkpoint is extremely lightweight – while being packaged with a nice graphic user interface – and is built using the most recent libraries available.

Checkpoint for 3DS natively supports 3DS and DS cartridges, digital standard titles, and demo titles. It also automatically checks and filters homebrew titles which may not have a save archive to backup or restore, which is done without an external title list and filters. For this reason, Checkpoint doesn’t need constant user maintenance to retain full functionality.

Checkpoint for Switch natively supports NAND saves for the titles you have played. Title information are loaded automatically.

Switch – What’s new

  • Fixed: Checkpoint is now compatible again with latest firmware. Compatibility with latest Atmosphère has also been fixed.
    • It took some time to this release to be fully working, but it is finally out.
  • Added: title sorting by Alphabetical, Last Played and Played Time. (thanks @diwo)
    • You can now sort your title list by pressing X. More details are available holding minus.
  • Added: Sword & Shield PKSM Bridge support.
    • This is a bonus feature for PKSM users. You can enable the PKSM Bridge functionality from the web configuration panel.
  • Added: embedded Sharkive’s cheat database has been updated.
    • This counts ~2 years of cheat updates.
  • Fixed: support for games containing character ū in their title.
  • Fixed: documentation.
  • Fixed: compilation with latest libraries (such as libnx 4.2.0).
  • Stability improvements and tons of minor code improvements.

3DS – What’s new

  • Added: embedded Sharkive’s cheat database has been updated.
    • This counts ~2 years of cheat updates.
  • Fixed: optional 3DS cartridge polling.
  • Fixed: documentation.
  • Stability improvements and tons of minor code improvements.

How to install on Switch:

  1. Download the newest .nro file from here.
  2. Copy the .nro file to your Switch as you would any file. It will go into the “Switch” folder.
  3. On your Switch, start up The Homebrew Launcher.
  4. Navigate to Checkpoint and select it. It will now run and let you do what you want with your save files.

How to install on 3DS:

  1. On the 3DS, load FBI.
  2. Once it’s loaded, you’re almost done.
  3. Use the QR code below with the scan feature. It will let you install Checkpoint.
  4. That’s all. Now Checkpoint will be installed onto the 3DS’ main menu.
  5. You can open it and use it to do what you need with your save files!


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