(Physcial) Game Review: Fragrant Story for 3DS

Today we’re discussing one of the very final 3DS games to ever release physically. That game is Fragrant Story from Squire Games. Even if they don’t have any more by the time you read this, maybe they’ll make more. Or maybe you can buy a reseller’s copy from eBay or find a used one later on. But we’re mainly here to discuss the game itself. The video below will encompass everything you need to know about the physical copy and this article will serve as everything you need to know about the game. You can get the game from the eShop still.

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  • SRPG. Personally, I previously didn’t like turn-based RPGs. The same goes with tactics-style games. I think that what is special about this game is that it’s the first strategic RPG that has taught me how the game works. Or, maybe I should say that it taught me the mechanics through a more modern lens. It doesn’t necessarily think that everyone has played an RPG on the SNES before. I truly appreciate the effort that Squire Games has put into laying everything out simply but also keeping it in line with retro RPGs.
    If you’re like me and detested moving along a grid at a snail’s pace, you should give this game a try. I’m not going to explain how a top-down tactics game works, you should know by now. But yeah, try it out even if you’re just buying the $4 eShop digital release. I’m not making an assertion that the game will be better than other ones of the past. I’m also not asserting that it will be able to make those games better or easier to understand to you. But it might just make you more enticed to play future ones. It helped me think that maybe I should be playing modern tactics games. They look and sound retro, but have modern sensibilities about them.
  • Final Release. This is the very final physical 3DS game that is being released, period. Andro Dunos 2 was out at the end of March, but this one came out in April 2022. If you’re reading this right now and you’re trying to find a way to buy a game that will eventually be highly sought after, just stop reading and scroll to the bottom to buy this game physically. It will not necessarily hold the title of the last eShop game since developers can continue to release those through the end of the eShop in 2023. The price of the physical game is only $35, so you should probably just go do it ASAP.
  • Art Style. We all already know what we’re getting when we see screenshots like this. Heck, it even looks 240p in the pictures even though it isn’t, so that’s fun! Every aspect of this game has been designed to appear like an SNES game that you would’ve rented from Blockbuster back in the day. The fonts, the sprites, the effects, and of course beautiful sounds. All in all, I have to give even more credit to Squire Games. I was previously of the camp that didn’t care for retro graphics. Honestly, I grew up in the 90s with this stuff and I wanted to see modern graphics in modern-day games. But this has grounded me a bit and made me appreciate that some things can just be an homage instead of a ripoff.

  • Fragrant AF. Everything about this game is all based on flora and fauna. The names are usually puns based on those things. Even the group of fighters are Fleuristas which implies that they’re proficient in flowery things. The fragrant part “stems” from the fact that the flowers all be smelling good, y’all! There are a lot of puns and play on words in this game and I don’t want to talk too much about it because it would spoil things. But I think that the reason I’m bringing this up is sheerly due to the fact that they put a lot of time and effort into every little detail of this game.
  • Length. This may just be my favorite thing about the title. Fragrant Story does not overstay its welcome. I know that there are people that have logged hundreds of hours on certain SNES JRPGs. However, I’m not ever going to finish a game that requires that of me. Fragrant Story is on the opposite end of the spectrum with a respectable time. I found that it took me around 5 hours to finish the game. What a relief! That’s all that I usually play of games before reviewing them and I was surprised to find I finished it!
    Some people may not like this, but I think that a game that you can beat entirely in 5 hours is worth $4. Let me be clear, this is the entire game. Like the entire game. All difficulities and buying/unlocking all buffs with experience points and tickets. I love the fact that I can dominate a game so hard in between breakfast and lunch!
  • Physical Release. I love this thing and I wonder how many people are going to miss out on it. I think that they packaged it well and I think that the special versions have great add-ons. The cost for the standard one that is still available is only $35. People on eBay are clearly hoping that you aren’t aware that the physical release still exists. They’re already charging a lot of money for the game. From $90 to $1000 and that’s an absolutely shame since you don’t have to pay that (as of the writing of this article). I think my unboxing video speaks for itself as a review of the physical release. I refused to open the box itself, I simply paid the $4 and own the game digitally instead, but there may be a manual inside too. This is the only part that I’m unsure of. If you own or buy a copy and open it, leave a comment. Because if there’s a manual inside and I will update this article.


  • Story. I’m not here to say that the story is bad or even that it is non-existent. I would say that you have about as much narrative as a NES RPG games back in the day. The SNES games of old had a lot of story beats to move the gameplay along. This is more gameplay than narrative, and that’s fine. But one of the main reasons the game is short is because there isn’t a story constantly slowing it down. I’m only calling this a con because it may very well deter someone from playing it. They see SNES style SRPG and they immediately think deep story. This is not going to be that for you, so set your expectations correctly.

Final Thoughts:

This game is an overall decent game. I wouldn’t say that it’s the best game that has ever been made. Heck, I’m sure that Squire Games wouldn’t make that claim either. But they would say that it’s a good throwback game. If you’re someone who desperately needs another SNES SRPG-style game, this will be for you. If you’re unsure about this game after everything that you’ve seen so far, don’t fret, just buy the $4 one. If you’ve paid the $4 and love the game, support Squire Games in terms of their “No Ads. No Spam. No Profit.” campaign and pay the $35! Plus, it’s one of the last physical 3DS games to exist, so that should count for something.

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