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Realpolitiks for PC announced


New real-time grand strategy Realpolitiks is due to come out early next year for PC. Become a World Leader! Developed by Polish studio called Jujubee (FLASHOUT 3D, Suspect In Sight!), Realpolitiks (or Realpolitics) is a modern day, streamlined real-time grand strategy that allows players to lead a contemporary country on both …

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Gamescom: Dropzone


What happens when Sparkypants, the group of former Big Huge Games (Rise of Nations) people, decides to create a swift MOBA/RTS game? Let me explain you what Dropzone is about. Their objective was to create a strategically and tactically deep, multiplayer RTS for PC, but different from the games they …

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Gamescom experience: Steep


Do you remember the SSX series? Now imagine its current gen, open world, more realistic version. That’s what Steep from Ubisoft is. Want to know more? What. A. Mountain. Seriously, it has to be Mount Everest. Actually, it’s the Alps. So, what will I do first? I’m too lazy to …

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