Kickstarter & new features of Lonely Mountains: Downhill

I’m sure you all remember the biking game Lonely Mountains: Downhill (LMD), which we covered at Gamescom, On Thursday, Megagon Industries, the studio behind the game, revealed new information and their plans for the weeks to come. Plus LMD now has a Steam page!

The Kickstarter campaign will begin on October 17 (almost 3 weeks from now). It’s still too early to share details about the campaign, like stretch goals, but you can still stay up-to-date with it using the official pre-Kickstarter newsletter. Also, a dedicated Discord server has been set up, where fans can ask the developers questions about Lonely Mountains: Downhill.

What’s more interesting about their announcement is game’s Steam page and new, some of them very surprising features it contains. Let’s start with the biggest news first. Unlike what I was told at Gamescom, there will be different bikes in the full version of the game. Initially, the developers had planned to only allow change bike skin, which would leave it attributes untouched. Now, they announced there will be more bikes unlockable in the game. They will differ in both looks and the way they ride. Check out this GIF to get a better idea.

Other features that will sooner or later be implemented in the game are the following (coming from the Steam page):

  • Weather System: Ride your bike through wind, rain and snow.
  • Dynamic Day & Night System: Start your ride in the middle of the night and feel the sun rising when you reach the valley.
  • Ghosts: Play against your own ghosts in your hunt for the best-time.
  • Replay & Share System: Rewatch your best actions and your funniest fails and share them with the community
  • Rider & Bike Customization: Customize your rider and bike after your own taste.
  • Unlock & Progression System: Strive for the best times to unlock new game modes, modifiers and tracks.

Especially the Day & Night System sounds really awesome, although I’m sure riding in the darkness is going to be… Funky, let’s say.

There is also an FAQ section on the Steam page covering various subjects regarding LMD, such as streaming, camera, price, or supported languages. One of them is also the console release, which is not a top priority (like the Windows & Mac versions and maybe Linux), but the developers would like to see their games on “all major consoles in the future (Switch included)”.

LMD is in pre-alpha stage at the moment, the full release is planned on early/mid 2018 for Windows and Mac. As the fans’ demand strengthens, the possibility of Early Access is getting “more and more likely”.

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