Kickstarter campaign for RTS ‘Bannermen’ is now up!

It has been almost two weeks since we introduced you the RTS prodigy Bannermen from Swedish indie studio Pathos Interactive. Today, its Kickstarter campaign has started .

Bannermen is a real-time strategy set in a semi-fantasy world inspired by a medieval period in northern and western Europe. The game will feature both singleplayer (campaign) mode and several multiplayer modes. The main feature which should set the game apart from other RTS’s (and “to refresh the classical RTS genre”) is the dynamic environment that can sometimes be harnessed by the player and became a part of his strategy to win the game (traps, forest fire…). Also, natural powers, such as lightning, can be used by the player to strike the enemy if a religious building is placed on one of the map’s holy spots.

Here is some more info on the multiplayer modes straight from the Kickstarter page:

The campaign goal has been set to €45,000 (400,000 Swedish Crowns). About 70 % of the total funds collected will go directly to the game. Stretch goals include, but aren’t limited to: digital copy (distributed via Steam), alpha access (planned for late 2017) or special skins. The one I found to be the coolest is definitely the opportunity to design/choose a portrait, which will appear in the game.

Examples of units in Bannermen. Source: Kickstarter

Bannermen will be a PC-only (PC representing Windows here) game, but on the campaign page, Pathos Interactive mention that they plan to port the game to Mac. However, during alpha or beta, the game will only be playable on Windows. Finally, there are no plans to port the game to consoles or mobile, not even in the stretch goals. The full release is still planned for Summer of the next year.

Bannermen will provide hosted dedicated servers, both during the beta period and when released.

We are still waiting to hear back from the developers about the possibility of a retail release.

After 24 hours, Pathos Interactive consider the campaign to be going successfully, having already raised €10,000. Of course, they still have a way to go. You can find the campaign itself and more information about the game here on the Kickstarter page.

Below you can watch the video the developers made for Kickstarter:

Source of all info and pictures: Pathos Interactive


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