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Our Review – A.W. Phoenix Festa

Visual Novels, RPGs, and Action. All three separated can provide endless entertainment. However, what would happen if you put all 3 together? A.W. Phoenix Festa for the PlayStation Vita aims to do all three. Does it work well or should all three not mix? Let’s take a look.  This is part …

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Our Review: Adventures of Mana for the PSVita

Adventures are grand, especially if they are done by Square. In my opinion, remastered adventures of old classics are even better. That is what Square-Enix with Adventures of Mana which recently released on the Playstation Vita. Adventures of Mana is a remaster of the Gameboy Classic Final Fantasy Adventures which …

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Our Review: Tokyo Mirage Session #FE

This game comes from the good folks over at Atlus and Nintendo. I’m glad to I got the chance to review Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE since this game has been through quite a journey. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Developer:  Atlus Publisher: Nintendo Directors: Mitsuru Hirata, Eiji Ishida, Kaori Ando Producers: Shinjiro …

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Our Review of Star Fox Zero

Hello, everyone Mgs2master2 here! I am here to tell you about Star Fox Zero. Star Fox has always been one of the mascots/well-known Nintendo characters. From the SNES days to the 3DS, Fox and company have always graced us with a faithful jet rail-shooter space adventure. These games, as a …

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Review of Corpse Party for PC

First, people will most likely know this game from the PSP, PSVita or 3DS but this isn’t a remake of the PSP, Vita or 3DS version: Corpse Party Blood Covered – Repeated Fear but a remake of Corpse Party: Rebuild which in itself is a remake of the original NEC PC-98 …

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