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Seven Pirates H – Review

Yo-ho yo-ho a pirate’s life for me! What is better than a pirate’s life? How about endless fanservice, with a simple battle system, immersive story, and did I say fanservice? Here is our review of Seven Pirates H for the Nintendo Switch. Seven Pirates H Platforms: Switch Release: May 12, …

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MONARK – Game Review

One day you awaken with your memories lost but gain insane powers. Would you use these powers for good, or would you drive everything into ruin? In MONARK, these events transpire. Let’s take a look at NISA’s next RPG in our review! MONARK Platform(s): Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), PS4, PS5 (Reviewed), …

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Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy – Review

*Note: review may be considered NSFW with a waifu or two. You have been warned* Waifu and shooters. This is an interesting combination. In the old time period of games, there used to be shooter games that were simple. These were also called space shooters for a time period. However, …

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