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Hardware Review: Game Gear Capacitor Kit from RetroSix

We’ve already talked in-depth about RetroSix’s replacement Game Gear shell, lens, buttons, membranes, CleanPower GG and all of the quality of life improvements that they make. If you’re not caught up on that yet, feel free to check that out here. But if you’re already on the up and up …

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Hardware Review: Sega Game Gear Replacement Parts from RetroSix

As we previously mentioned, we’re moving past Gameboy upgrades for the time being. We’re going to cover parts and replacement pieces for the faithful Sega Game Gear. Today we’re specifically covering the shell, buttons, lenses, and Clean Power GG from Retro Six. It’s a lot to cover, so buckle up, …

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Thoughts on Retrosix DMG Shell Prototype

Previously, I have reviewed GBA shells and lenses from RetroSix. Everything I’ve reviewed meets our Hackinformer standard of retro products. Great longevity, build quality, heck, even the feel of the products are great in the hand. Today’s article is all about a prototype for the DMG Game Boy. I’ve had …

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How To: Install CleanPower Regulator Board into DMG Game Boy

If you have recently read our review covering RetroSix’s CleanPower Regulator Board and bought it, you may have some questions. This guide will walk you through how simple it really is to install one of these regulator boards. And if you don’t have one yet, you’ll see it’s simple and …

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Review: CleanPower Regulator Board from RetroSix

We talk a lot about handhelds here on Hackinformer. Recently I’ve personally been reviewing products for different Game Boy models. Today we’re covering the CleanPower Regulator Board from retrosix! This $10 add on is designed for the DMG Game Boy. What does it do? What is it for? How easy …

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