Raspberry PI Foundation Bribed by Malware distributors??!

From the very beginning the Raspberry Pi  was developed to teach programming language at an affordable price point. The community has made projects ranging from to full blown desktop computers to portable mame emulators. Its so popular several educational establishments are using them in classrooms and even kids are learning to program! 🙂 There has never been a better way to enjoy personal projects and introduce technology to a younger and eager generation. Millions of these micro computers have shipped and with a motivated community, expect more awesome development to follow.  Its gotten so much attention in fact, that nasty Malware infesting lowlifes want in!!

The Malware distributors are currently unknown and had plans to bundle their disgusting practices to the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Luckily the Raspberry Pi Foundation has turned down their request to ship their mini-computers with preinstalled malware. Keep in mind this is a charitable organization and most other corporations  would have been glad to receive the money. Kudos to them to keeping their work clean and providing everyone with no built in malware out the box. Raspberry Pi has tweeted a screenshot from an email they received from Linda (business officer) install an executable file with the offer per install.

Raspberry Pi has good reputation with Team Hackinformer and hearing this article will strength your trust with them. If you interested in purchasing or what to learn more about Pi, we have an article on their latest entry Raspberry Pi Zero. Check it out here and let us know what you think about this revelation? Give us some comments below and share the news to new Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

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  1. Look at how unprofessional that email looks.
    The person is saying “u” instead of “you”, and there’s grammar mistakes everywhere. It looks like a joke.

  2. I hope this was just a prank sent by someone with too much free time. I think I will get a Zero.

  3. That email is from the same spammers that say how they want to buy an item i have for sale on craigslist and then when you reply they want to say they will wire the money from Nigeria what losers!

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