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unc0ver 3.4.0 is Out Now!

Things just keep chugging along for the widely used unc0ver jailbreak. Today’s newest major flagship release is no exception, either. What does it have for you? Should you update to it (spoiler alert: the answer is yes)? Let’s dig in! Improvements since the 3.3.0 pre-release we covered a while back. …

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unc0ver 3.3.0-PreRelease Out Now!

The unc0ver jailbreak is back with a wider range of support now! The first beta for 3.3.0 is officially here everyone and it doesn’t disappoint. With a new built in exploit and under the hood tweaks, I’m ready to share with you the details. Let’s dig in! Tweet from @pwn20wnd: …

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How to Play Diablo on a Nintendo Switch

Before we jump into the nitty gritty of it all, we have to thank ModernVintageGamer for his port of this. The man ported the open source Deviloution (details below) to the Nintendo Switch. Deviloution also wouldn’t be here if we didn’t thank GalaxyHaxz. He picked up the breadcrumbs left behind …

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