Hekate v5.0.1 & Nyx 0.8.1 Released!

And just like that, we have another revision of both hekate and NYX. There are already a ton of improvements over the last major revision. I swear, the team behind this never sleeps. Nevertheless, here we are talking about it, so they must be doing something right. What does this newer version of these homebrews have to offer? Let’s dig in!

So, what is Hekate anyhow:

For those of you who have been living under a rock or are like me and use an SX Pro device, here’s the skinny. Hekate is a custom firmware for the Switch that is free. But that’s not all, the GitHub more accurately lists it as a “Custom Nintendo Switch bootloader, firmware patcher, and more.” If you have been following it and you want to know what’s new or if you’re new and you want to know what Hekate 5.0 will get you, we have you covered.

Hekate Changelog:

  • Fixed keygen for 6.2.0 stock and CFW
  • Fixed boot to 6.0.x/6.1.0
  • Fixed hang issues with booting HOS
    These were created from cache coherency issues, or sd card fast reinit or stack corruption.
  • Disabled stock emuMMC until it’s fixed
    Check news at https://github.com/m4xw/emuMMC
  • Now if patches.ini is not found kip patches will be loaded from patches_template.ini.
  • Added a check that emuMMC is not loaded without custom secmon and warmboot.

NYX Changelog:

  • Fixed Nyx hangs on boot and framebuffer issues
    These were fixed by fixing an issue with Touchscreen, a cache coherency issue, stabilizing framebuffer memfetch, and by fixing too fast reinits for some sd cards.
  • Migrate emuMMC fixes
    It can now find more available existing partition based solutions.
    Fixed an issue with migrating other sd partition emunand solutions.
  • Change emuMMC fixes
    Fixed logic with button assignment
    It can now also identify more emuMMC.
  • Changed emuMMC creation partition type to xE0
    Fixes issues with all Linux distros. You can run Migrate to apply the fix.
  • Sd card now reinits before a create/backup/restore process to refresh tuning
    Might fix some issues with some cards.
  • Launch/More CFG
    Fixed an issue where the buttons did nothing if no icon.
    Added option to force screen HOS boot logs.
    Big names will have their name rolling.
  • While sd card is removed, it’s possible now to Reboot or Power off. Screenshot feature gets disabled.
  • Added temperature sensor init, to revert L4T’s range.
  • Fixed an issue where Nyx could start with backlight set to 0.

And general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience. (For real..).

Where to Download:

If you’re needing to get your hands on this now, you can download it from here!

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