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Oclock Vita a simple taiHEN plugin for overclocking your PSVita/PSTV

Over the Holiday break frangar released Oclock Vita a simple taiHEN plugin for overclocking your PSVita or the PSTV. He has also added support for games to be decrypted and encrypted, this means we no longer have to dump our games just to overclock them. Installation Put “oclockvita.suprx” in ‘tai’ folder in the root of your …

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RUMOR: Wii-U 5.6.0 Update May Be Coming Soon!!

Today I bring a rumor of  Wii-U 5.6.0 update that has been passed my way and it just might change the game up a little bit for Nintendo’s failing little system of joy and wonderment. It seems [email protected] posted this on Twitter. Wii U 5.6.0 is coming Very Soon™ so y’all …

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