The latest measures taken by Microsoft to combat XBOX Retail Mode emulators

Retail Mode emulation is a process where Homebrew and Emulator apps (UWP) bypass certain security protocols allowing these apps to be installed and run on all Xboxs without the need for a dev account. In Mircosoft, eye this enables unauthorized access to apps and games in their store and you know they can’t have that going on.

Microsoft has attempted to combat Retail Mode emulation in the past through various means, including faster takedowns of offending apps and games. However, these efforts have been met with limited success due to the ease with which new emulators can be created and distributed again.

While faster takedowns may deter some individuals from using Retail Mode emulation, they do not address the root of the problem and therefore may only provide temporary relief. This innovative tactic differs from previous approaches in that it directly targets the problem by preventing unauthorized access in retail mode instead of just removing offending apps from the store.

It is also automated and can quickly identify and prevent Retail Mode emulation by giving us unable to launch this game or app with error code 0x87e1002d.

Now, gamr13 is going to be focusing on mode dev mode as that is still an option for anyone wanting to go emulation and homebrew apps.
Here is what Gamr13 had to say…
For the past 2 years, we’ve promoted legal emulation on a popular platform that people have genuinely enjoyed. It’s a true shame to see @Xbox crack down on emulation for those who can’t afford Developer Mode, or don’t have the means to purchase it.
This is a shot in the face. If you want any hope of Retail Mode emulation ever making a comeback NOW is the time to fight them on it. Take it to Twitter, take it wherever you can and complain to Xbox about this decision.

What are our current options for homebrew apps and emulation on Xbox?

  • -Dev Mode is still very much an option.

You can either pay the stupid $20 / €20 fee, or you can simply make a new account set to TURKEY and pay $2 / €2, literally 1/10th the price.

  • – If your currently installed retail mode apps still work.

This will likely not last long, and they probably already don’t work anymore.

  • – Will Gamr13 continue doing retail mode uploads from here on out?

Probably not. Unless this gets resolved, he’s going to focus on publishing weekly Dev Mode updates in this Discord channel here.

Despite Microsoft’s efforts, Retail Mode emulation may still be possible as there could be potential drawbacks with error 0x87e1002d such as false positives, which could result in authorized apps being blocked from running in retail mode. All anyone can do now is hope we find a bypass to this or it backfires on Mircosoft.


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