Leaked Tears of the Kingdom puts Nintendo on the hunt for vengeance.

Nintendo seeks vengeance after the infamous leak of Tears of the Kingdom shook their world and put them in an exceedingly precarious situation. Though developers for Switch emulators Yuzu and Ryujinx were hopeful about the game being playable with their systems soon after its launch.

That hope was brutally interrupted when a copy of the game found its way onto the internet before it could make its debut. Outraged by this piracy, emulator development teams have drawn a hard line against discussion of any kind surrounding playing Tears of the Kingdom on their platforms; any requests regarding issues or performance quickly earn such talkers an instant warning or ban from both servers.

In order to remain compliant with laws concerning pirated materials, Yuzu lead developer Bunnei has made clear that they are willing to wait for legal copies of Tears of the Kingdom to be released before updating their systems in order to assist gamers with running it.

The Big N has also set its sights on two popular tools used by pirates: Lockpick_RCM and Lockpick.

Lockpick_RCM is a popular modding tool that allows users to play pirated games on their Nintendo Switch consoles. Lockpick is a similar tool that allows users to bypass the Switch’s security measures and run homebrew code.

Nintendo has issued cease-and-desist orders to the developers of both tools, demanding that they stop distributing their software. They’ve also threatened legal action if the developers don’t comply. Since then they have taken down all forks of it on GitHub but the homebrew has resurfaced as picklock_rcm and Dev Slluxx is pretty confident that Nintendo isn’t going to be able to take it down this time.

Only time will tell how far the Big N is willing to go stop homebrew and emulation of their systems and games. This could be the start of something bigger if Nintendo keeps this up.

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