SimpleModDownloader for Switch Now Available

We’ll get right into what SimpleModDownloader for Switch is in a moment, what it does, and how to install and use it. But first I want to thank PoloNX for their contribution to the Switch modding scene. The link to his original post will be at the end and you can go thank him personally yourself if you’d like!

What is SimpleModDownloader?

  • App to download game mods and hacks from directly on your switch
  • App also can install the downloaded mods directly from your switch with SimpleModManager

How to Install SimpleModDownloader.

  1. Download latest SimpleModDownloader from here.
  2. Plug in microSD card into your computer.
  3. Put the downloaded SimpleModDownloader.nro file at SDCard:/switch/
  4. Safely eject your microSD card and return it to your Switch.
  5. Turn your Switch on and then enable your wifi.
  6. Now return to the Switch home menu.
  7. Load homebrew by holding the R trigger and choosing the photo app.
  8. SimpleModDownloader will be in your list of homebrew. Highlight it and then press A to launch it.

How to Use SimpleModDownloader.

Watch the demonstration video below to show you how to use SimpleModDownloader. It shows how to search games, the mods for each game, and how to download and install. Very simple!

Original Post by PoloNX

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