Hexkyz breaks down all the dangers of the MIG Switch Flashcart for the Nintendo Switch!!!

In Mike Heskin @hexkyz latest tweet thread he breaks down everything he knows about this Flashcard and how it works. We took this whole thread for you to read all in one spot and it’s a must read especially if you are thinking of getting one.  “Online, Nintendo has the …

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The latest measures taken by Microsoft to combat XBOX Retail Mode emulators

Retail Mode emulation is a process where Homebrew and Emulator apps (UWP) bypass certain security protocols allowing these apps to be installed and run on all Xboxs without the need for a dev account. In Mircosoft, eye this enables unauthorized access to apps and games in their store and you …

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Super charge your Steam Deck’s performance with CryoUtilities

Are you looking for a way to supercharge your steam deck’s performance and efficiency? Then consider installing CryoUtilities – An amazing tool designed to boost performance and save space. These scripts and utilities improve performance and manage how storage is kept in the Steam Deck by changing the Swap Space …

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The developer of AetherSX2, a PS2 emulator calls it quits due to a toxic community..

Gaming communities, for the most part, are great but over the years that has changed so much due to online multiplayer, streaming, competitive tournaments, and more. Now they are filled with a lot of toxicity, entitlement, hate speeches, verbal abuse, and even doxxing. Thanks to this toxicity we will probably …

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How to customize your Steam Deck!

Is your steam deck bland? do you want to customize it? well, you chose the right article let’s jump right into it! What we’ll be using is Decky Loader and then the CSS loader plugin to customize the theme of the Steam Deck and so much more.   “Decky is …

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