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Is the Gateway 3DS losing momentum?

Software Hacks are all the rage right now and show no signs of slowing down. They have achieved 3ds Game Mods, better support for emulators, eShop access and more. They seem determined to end the era of flashcards. While Gateway could simply add smeas and yellow8s code, they have been …

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3DS: Yellow8 releases menuhax 2.0

A few days ago smealum release hax 2.0 and at the time the menuhax did work probably. Well, today yellow8 has updated the menuhax to 2.0. Summary of Menuhax: When the Home Menu is starting up, it can load theme-data from the home-menu theme SD extdata. The flaw can be triggered from …

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PS3: webMAN MOD 1.43.12 released

What is webMAN MOD it’s an homebrew plugin for CFW PS3 it has many features added on to the original webMAN by Deank. This is one plug-in that is always being updated with more features and fixes. The webMAN MOD has so many additional features it’s crazy, here is a small …

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Nintendo 3DS Firmware 10.2.0-28 Update Available

  Well, its seems that Nintendo is following the trend of giving us useless updates that stop our hacks and only offer us “system stability”. Here is what the big N had to say about this update. “Version 10.2.0-28U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements: Further improvements …

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