Final Burn Alpha: CPS3 version and the PSVita

The other day I asked for some help with FBA: the CPS3 version on our forums and a lot of you sent me links to it. So I would just like to thank everyone that helped, but one person went a step further. Brandonheat8 was nice enough to hunt down a working version of FBA: CPS3 and a few roms to go with it like Street Fighter Third Strike. It took him a while to put everything together but once he did everything was working on the PSVita.


Now here comes the bad news about FBA: CPS3, since we are stuck in epsp on the PSVita with CPS3 it runs to slow to enjoy and there is no sound. I tried it on different firmware to see if it would make a difference, but it didn’t, even with firmware 2.02 with high memory. 🙁

I didn’t test any other roms for CPS3 but in my an opinion if Street Fighter didn’t run at full speed I don’t think any other roms will. Maybe if this was ported over to rejuvenate it could run at full speed but for now it can’t in ePSP. I put up Brandonheat8 download link with four roms in it so you can try it out for yourself and maybe find a game that will run at full speed on it.

Download: FBA: CPS3

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  1. Cps3 worked good on the psp and psp go, the only versions of sfiii that worked properly were the Asian roms if i Remember correctly. I’m going to download this tonight and play with it a little bit and get back to you. Street fighter is one of my favorite series it would be nice to play this on my vita, cps2 works great by the way

  2. Yea the World and US/EU versions ran like crap but if you played with the full set you could get it working descently. But the full set is huge over 6gb last I checked. This would however be nice to see with Rejuvante

  3. Daniel Whittlesey

    I don’t have rejuvenate I’m running 3.52 php exploit. I have gotten my other emulators working, psp iso/cso, and ps1 eboot. The 6 gig sounds like a complete rom set, I’ve used fba next on my ps3 and android, it’s a good emulator for retro gaming ie (this guy)

    • Yea that’s the full ROM set size but you will need it to find which variant of the ROM you want to play works best. FBA Next runs great on PS3 and FBA Alpha works good on the oXbox as well.

  4. Daniel Whittlesey

    I have it installed and I see what you mean Iit’s slow as hell even at 333mhz with a frame skip. I’ll have to dig through my mame sets and find the right chds. I have Capcom arcade remix (psp) installed for my sf2 needs and midway arcade (psp) for my mortal kombat needs as well. These work better than the emulators and Im all about old school. I’ll wind up installing these 2 psp isos on my ps3 when i get home from work ( worth checking out)

  5. Ty for posting this does anyone know yet if the jp rom set works at full speed?

  6. Yea all the roms in this download are slow but it shows promise.

  7. I’ve tried all my cps3 roms and nothing is running at full speed. I’ve done some research in cps3 emulation and ran across the jxd s7800b. An android tablet with gaming control s it’s perfect for emulation. I like it so much I purchased one. If anyone is interested I’ll let u know what I think when I get off work. The cps3 runs smoothly on this device from what I’ve seen on youtube anyway. Wish it was the case on the vita

  8. Yeah it sucks but glad you got one of those JXD system as they are great for emulation.

  9. I ordered a samsung evo 128gb micro sd card that I’m going to format to fat32 and hope it works on the jxd s7800b. After being at work for 36 days it’s time to go home and play with some new toys. I also have a new 3ds xl hyrule edition with a r4i 3ds flash card waiting on me as well. I cannt have a device that isn’t hacked. My ps3, psp 3000, psp go, ps vita, moto zoom, & galaxy note 2 are all hacked. My theory is why have something and not use it to its full potential. My comments are not really on the subject of the cps3 emulator for the vita, but it’s nice chatting with a hackinformer adm.

  10. but wait, this is the PSP cPS3 version right?

    so is limited by the psp specifications?

    • Yes it is I don’t want to let this die I’m sure it can be done it just need to be revamped I would learn how to program to get this to work I would play someone a disgusting amount of money to play 3S on portable system

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