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Yet another exploit game is named for the PSVita FW3.55

Earlier today developer 173210 said he would release yet another exploit for the PSVita FW 3.55 that would be for each region EU/US/JP as he got the ok from ABCanG1015 who found it.

Right now he has released the name of the game and it’s Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS for JP region and Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS Plus for US/EU regions, he also put up some info on GitHub. At the moment, there are no files to trigger the exploit on the PSVita and don’t know if he has plans to even make them. It’s most likely that this exploit will be VHBL only but once you have it we might be able to put TN-V or Ark on your PSVita with one of the pboots, but we will have to wait and see

So if you want to take a chance and get this game it’s up to you, because if he doesn’t release any files then you might be out of a few bucks for buying it. Even though Metal Gear Solid portable is a great game to play on the PSVita so you won’t be to disappointed if no files get released. So I will say it again the choice is up to you.


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  1. I’m pretty sure that MGS Portable Ops can’t be donwloaded on a PS Vita on the USA Store.

  2. For users in the UK Mimana Iyar Chronicle is not available in the store but MGS Portable Ops Plus is available so it would be good if this is true and we can get TN-V or ARK using this new exploit.

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