3DS FW Update 10.3.0-28 released & what does it do to the HAX’s

Just a few hours ago Nintendo has released a new firmware update for the 3DS version 10.3.0-28U. This update brings a new addition to HOME Menu Settings called HOME Menu Layout. This option allows you to save and load up to 8 different versions of your customized HOME Menu, using your themes and software icons.3dslayout

Browsing for new themes in the Theme Shop is now even easier, with new categories being added under the “View more” button.

So what has this update done to the recent hacks for the 3DS?  Well, it seems that the eshop access on older versions is blocked and here is what Smealum had to say about the recent update.


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  1. Hi i am new to this, and I already have Ninjhax 2.5 on my 3DS ,I just want to ask where can i download the new payload? and Payload is the starter pack?

  2. Hey, a friend of mine hacked my 3ds for me so I’m at a loss, I’m using rxtools with pasta to acess the CIAS and stuff, can I update my 3ds or not?? Thanks in advance

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