3DS: New Kernel Exploit announced and how to be ready for it

If you have any interest in the 3DS homebrew scene, now’s the time to act. Kernel Exploits don’t come around this often and you should take advantage of this limited window. If your not on FW 9.2 or lower, we at team Hackinformer recommend updating to FW10.3 and staying there.


You also have another chance to download Iron fall to utilize IronHax. Get to it my friends and make haste, you can download the latest starter pack here.

Find your available entry point and prepare yourself. Once you have a way to access the homebrew launcher disable your internet connection and avoid all future updates for the time being. We can expect continue development for CFWs on newer firmware’s and possibly a method to downgrade to a lower firmware. Get N or Get Out

Team Hackinformer signing out

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  1. If you are on 9.2 or lower it’s a horrible idea to update don’t tell people this. Just setup homemenuhax and use rxTools 10.3 Emunand support will be coming soon due to Memchunkhax 2

    • It states only to update to FW10.3 if your not currently on FW9.2 or lower. Meaning FW9.3 – FW10.2 users can benefit from getting the Ironhax entry point.

      • why would people update to 10.3 just for ironhax entrypoint? you have menuhax and browserhax, its way faster than lauching ironhax. Sure browserhax can be a bit unstable but once you install menuhax you can just boot directly to the Homebrew Launcher

        • Everyone has different needs and wants. Some like the custom themes on the 3ds and ironhax does not disable that. Its always good to have many choices and on the plus side you get access to the eshop again. Assuming your on FW9.3 or higher.

  2. “If your not on FW 9.2 or lower”
    Really? Messing up homophones?

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