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Flash news: WiiU firmware update patched more exploits

The newest WiiU system stability firmware update v5.5.1 patched 2 and maybe even more exploits!


MP4 exploit released by Mathew_Wi

It is incredibly bad, and likely won’t run any code for you whatsoever.

More info here

Yellow8s’  wiiu_browserhax_fright

More info here

Note: Both exploits are labeled to be working for 5.4.0 and 5.5.0 only and will most likely not be of any use anymore! Additionally and in foresight to Hykems still planned-to-be-released IOSU exploit they are no reason to stay on a 5.4.0/5.50 firmware. We however still do NOT recommend updateing at all!

We will keep you posted..

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