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What’s New With WiiU Homebrew

Hello, my fellow WiiU owners have I got a treat for you! It appears that the past few months the Wii U hacking scene has really gained momentum and it’s starting to really pull off some high-quality Homebrew, everything from Loadiine GX, Homebrew launcher, and even a GameBoy emulator!   If …

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8BitDo’s Retro Wireless Controllers – Connecting So Many Platforms!

As gaming peripherals have always existed since gaming, great peripherals have endured the decades of demands from many gamers; that the controllers simply work the most important feature above all else, even regardless of style. However, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been attempts to combine gaming aesthetic and function – …

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What’s the best game console to turn into Emulationstation?

Most of us love playing old school games on our consoles to revisit our childhood or if you always wanted a game or system that you couldn’t get your hands on, like the NEO-GEO. I figure I would list the some of the best game consoles to turn into emulation stations, …

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