What’s New With WiiU Homebrew

Hello, my fellow WiiU owners have I got a treat for you!
It appears that the past few months the Wii U hacking scene has really gained momentum and it’s starting to really pull off some high-quality Homebrew, everything from Loadiine GX, Homebrew launcher, and even a GameBoy emulator!


If you are on firmware 4.1.0 thru 5.4.0 and interested in running some Homebrew have I got the story for you.
I have a couple programs I like to share with you today, first up on the list is The Homebrew launcher by Dimok for the Wii U.


This is on version RC1 at the moment and is working quite well, here is what Dimok had to say,

“So I decided to create a new version of HBL because there were several nice changes since last release. This is only an RC1 release as it is not very well tested with all those changes. So I am hoping for you all to test and report whatever you find.”
Mind you there aren’t too many Homebrew apps to launch but of the ones that are out there you will want this.XY7Kf0g


We also we have a game dumping program called DDD WiiU Title Dumper Release v0.3 RC3 by Dimok which allows you to dump your WiiU games to make them Loadiine GX ready here is what Dimok had to say on this release.I_dont_get_it


“Sorry about that but there was a bad bug in the cache invalidate function of RC1. I had to create an RC2. If you dumped any titles with RC1 you should definitely re-dump the RPX and RPL files (/vol/code folder) as those are most likely corrupt.

Here is the RC3 with a fix for that bug and a cache buffer overrun bug:

Thanks to JaceCearK1 for reporting the bug.”


Loadiine GX2 is a WiiU homebrew. It launches WiiU game backups and programs.
Its Graphical User Interface is based on the WiiU GX2 graphics engine.

This homebrew is developed by dimok, who worked on the previous loadiine version 2.0 to 4.0.
He was also the main developer of USBLoaderGX and WiiXplorer on Wii.gx2-4

Now loadiine GX2 is currently compatible with
WiiU v5.0.0, v5.1.0, v5.3.2 , v5.4.0
WiiU v4.1.0
It’s currently offline mode only, it doesn’t allow you to play games online.

This is another one of thoses apps that are very useful at the moment. Loadiine has been made and Loadiine GX2 is my preferred choice at the moment to launch WiiU backups & VC Backups which allows for cover art. In order to use this you need a way to load an exploit (html or mp4) to patch the kernel, so you need a network connection or a local network server. There is no offline mode.

The homebrew launcher method is recommended.IMAG0079

Last but not least in this part is about the GameBoy emu, for WiiU 5.3.2 by seagal112

This version is compatible with homebrew loader

V 0.2

Now works with homebrew Launcher
SRAM save supportedIMAG0080


The only downfall with this app is that it only shows on the WiiU gamepad and is very small (About the size of the real GameBoy and only plays unzipped GameBoy roms not GameBoy color. It also no sound as of yet and some games may not work but it’s still a blast to play!

Well there you have it just a sampling of the homebrew that is out there.
Thanks for reading and as always keep doing it for the love of the game!


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  1. Can you write an article on how to set this all up?

  2. sure give me a little bit and ill put something together

  3. looks great!

  4. I’m going to feel really silly when a spoofer or CFW comes out that gives us eshop access. Back in December when I got my Wii U I updated to 5.5 to download Mario Maker that came with it. Since Nintendo’s giving up on the Wii U though, maybe the hacking scene will be as strong as the Wii though and all FWs will be exploitable sooner or later?

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