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Time to dust off your Wii-U and N3DS!!!

Nintendo’s weekly eShop update  will be getting some well-needed games to add to the list of must haves. Wii U and N3DS owners will have their pick of four titles tomorrow, including an early Nintendo DS classic and a few  Super NES games!! Super Mario 64 DS will be making it’s way onto …

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Defend Your Crypt by Ratalaika Games!!

The life of a Pharaoh has never been an easy one especially once you’re dead, and in Defend Your Crypt by Ratalaika Games this has never been clearer. In this strategy puzzle game that pits you up ageist robbers trying to steal your precious gold. You will take on the …

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Our Review: Tokyo Mirage Session #FE

This game comes from the good folks over at Atlus and Nintendo. I’m glad to I got the chance to review Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE since this game has been through quite a journey. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Developer:  Atlus Publisher: Nintendo Directors: Mitsuru Hirata, Eiji Ishida, Kaori Ando Producers: Shinjiro …

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