WiiU CFW Frappaccino released as a work in progress

Wii-U scene has just been a popping with new stuff and with CFW that adds kinds of different features. It kind of reminds me of the 3DS Scene, when CFW were coming out left and right for the system. In the end, only a few of the 3DS CFW remain around, plus better hack came along the way too. This time around it’s a little different than the 3DS as the Wii U has finally come to its end and will not see anything new get made for it.

Could this mean Nintendo will finally stop giving Wii U updates well for the time being their main focus is on the Switch and once that takes off we might see one or two stability updates come to the Wii U. I recommend you check out this post here on how to block Nintendo FW updates just to be safe.


This is a fork of Mocha CFW by Dimok. This CFW is meant to be for more complex users and will have more features and further support. As well as some additions from redNAND and other homebrew.


Mocha Features

  • fw.img for redNAND support. But, is optional as a custom firmware.
  • sysNAND or redNAND patching in one application, selected/saved in the settings.
  • SEEPROM redirection to/from SD card.
  • OTP redirection from SD card for a custom launch image; upon load of the custom firmware if it exists on sd card (sd:/wiiu/apps/mocha/launch_image.tga)

Frappuccino Features

  • Custom fw.img support (IMG not provided, and custom as in modifications will be allowed)
  • Allows the injection for Virtual Console
  • Disabled and patches signature checks, to allow custom Applications (Already integrated into the application)
  • Will have the ability to modify the system menu, most likely custom images, and color values
  • More system modifications
  • Easy setup
  • System Update blocking
  • Automatic updates for the CFW Application (Updates the Homebrew only, not you CFW.)
  • redNAND Support (Integrated into this CFW)
  • Allow on the fly cheat code injection
  • Allow on the fly mod injection as well as patch/DLC injection
  • Install any Application, Update, DLC, and/or Game.
  • Allow the ability to launch Loadiine directly from the system menu
  • Allow the ability to change the region of your system, if using EmuNAND; for example, change the region from the USA to JPN in order to download software from Japan. NOTE: eShop only!
  • Region free Disk and Software support
  • And many more features.

DO KEEP IN MIND: This software is based off of Dimoks Mocha CFW; I take no credit for his work. This software is not finished, and is still actively being worked on!

:arrow:More info on Frappaccino here at Github.
:arrow:More info on Mocha here

Download: Frappuccino-CFW 

If you are new to all this CFW for the Wii U we have a great Tutorial here


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  1. This guy just forked the Mocha project from Dimok and changed logos and the name of the project.
    WOW! A real developer.

    He also changed the license from GPLv2 to GPLv3 – which he is not allowed to as he only forked the project from Dimok and Dimok owns the code!

    You got fooled xD

  2. What’s the point of this again? I think I can count the number of homebrew apps for the Wii U on two hands.

  3. Can I get banned online for using custom firmware on the wii u?

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