RedNAND working on Wii U FW5.5.1 with IOSU

Just a few days ago we got two IOSU Kernel exploit demonstrations and just like I said all we had to do was wait and something would pop up. Well now it has with RedNAND. RedNAND is named for redirected NAND and since it is completely separate from your SysNAND, it can be updated to the latest version, allowing you to play all games on an exploited system.

Now there been some sort of leak or whatever it is, for this RedNAND over at and you have to register on their forums to see it. You will need to answer a few question to register.zerhg0d

The WiiU’s MCM contains a CPU codenamed the espresso and a GPU codenamed Latte.
The OS running on the PPC in WiiU mode is codenamed Cafe.
The wiiu’s security processor codenamed starbuck (by FoF iirc)
All the above coffee related codenames I guess inspired Chadderz to name his game modding tools Cafiine.

Next thing is this isn’t ready for a public release as its missing the NAND dumping tool and is very unstable if you can get it to work. So I would just hold out for an official release (which they said could be Monday) because it’s not worth bricking your WiiU over something that will get released anyways.


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