PSM+ released!

Now that the PSM hack “Rejuvenate” is officially patched by the newest firmware 3.52 (which simply revokes to start the PSM app), yifanlu has held true to his promise and just released what he named PSM+. When PSM is revoked, the directions for using PSM+ to bypass the revokes will be …

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What you need to know about PS Vita FW 3.52

Hiya Kiddies! heleius here with an important public service announcement. If you are at all interested in the Yifan Lu’s Rejuvenate hack, DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PS VITA TO 3.52! Do NOT update to 3.52 if you ever want to run Rejuvenate. Even if you can’t download/use PSM DevAssistant, hold …

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Last chance to get PSM!!!!

If you have checked PSN on the PS Vita/PSTV, you may have noticed the Playstation Mobile Development Assistant app is gone. This application is the key to be able to run Yifan Lu’s Rejuvenate. Rejuvenate is the key to able to run native homebrew on the Vita. When compared to …

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