Last chance to get PSM!!!!

If you have checked PSN on the PS Vita/PSTV, you may have noticed the Playstation Mobile Development Assistant app is gone. This application is the key to be able to run Yifan Lu’s Rejuvenate. Rejuvenate is the key to able to run native homebrew on the Vita. When compared to the PSP environment, you have alot more RAM to utilize for homebrew. Understand that the clock is ticking and you have one last chance to obtain the Playstation Mobile Development Assistant app. Be sure not to confuse the Playstation Mobile Development Assistant app with the Unity variation.


Once you have obtained the Playstation Mobile Development Assistant app, backup the app via Content Manager Assistant. I would recommend using QCMA for all your backup needs. You can download that here and details on how to register and download for PSM (Shutdown Bypass) can be found here. Now do this ASAP!!!! Not tomorrow! Not Later! NOW!!!!!!!!!

Team Hackinformer signing out

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  1. can u give me the psm dev for 3.00 fw ?

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