What you need to know about PS Vita FW 3.52

Hiya Kiddies! heleius here with an important public service announcement. If you are at all interested in the Yifan Lu’s Rejuvenate hack, DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PS VITA TO 3.52!

I must admit that was rather fast on $ony’s part. And as you can see above, according to Yifan Lu, they basically killed PSM. So again, do not update if you ever want to play with/be a part of the Vita’s newly birthed native homebrew scene, unless of course you have two Vita’s. And with the recent price drop to $169.99 now would be the perfect time to grab one!

3.52’s system stability update only seems to have an effect on the native/PSM hacks. Mr. Gas & Major_Tom’s PSTV whitelist bypass hack is still working, and the usual ePSP stuff that hasn’t been released is still a-go-go. Personally though, I wouldn’t recommend updating to 3.52 unless you are a multi-Vita owner and can keep one device on 3.51 or lower or you love your PSTV’s Remote Play function than the possibility (currently Rejuvenate does not support the PSTV) of native homebrew ever working on the PSTV.

For those of you not updating, remember, Charles proxy and Vita Update Blocker are your best friend right now, and grab what you need off PSN ASAP.

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//heleius out

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  1. Vita Update Blocker didn’t work the last time I checked (few weeks ago). Anybody having same issues or just only me? 🙁

  2. Can my account get banned if I use vita update blocker?

  3. no ePSP for 3.51 :'((((( and now 3.52 it’s a wargame 🙂

  4. Can I just sync trophies without updating? It’s the only reason I connect, otherwise I’m in Flight mode.

  5. My son updated my psvita to 3.52 I play a lot on classic games is there a way I can still play em on my psvita like with half byte loader? Or any thing like it

  6. pls can anyone help me get ps vita games? i dont know were can i download vita games that doesnt have password or survays.. pls help me. here is my email pls do contact me.. thank you in advance… ntds17@gmail.com

  7. i just got my vita and i want to play ps2 games and all the other emulaters but from everything im reading theres nothing for the 3.52 . is there anyhing i can do or am i stuck in th dirt on this one? kylefaxon84@gmail plz let me know anything by email thanks guys

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