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Is Having Too Many Ways To Game Gaming Overload?

Today I come to you with something that has been running through my mind for some time now; With so many phones and tablets, 3DS, Wii/Wii U, PS3, PC and even PS Vitas all covering the same market, “Is having too many ways to game, gaming overload?“ Now, many of us …

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mGBA 0.4.0 with official ports for PSVita, 3DS and Wii released

Developer Endrift updated the GBA Emulator mGBA to version 0.4.0 and added official support for the PSVita (Rejuvenate), 3DS and Wii, fixed lots of bugs and added lots of features. He mentioned that this is a major feature release so lets get right to the features of mGBA 😉 Features: Officially …

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REVO K101 Plus: A different way to play all your favorite Game Boy Advance cartridges and more

While browsing the net, I run across the Revo K101 plus it’s a new take on one of my favorite handheld consoles the Game Boy Advance. What really caught my attention about this product is you can play all our original GBA cartridges and it even lets you play backups via k-cartridge. It also supports …

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Happy 25th Birthday GameBoy!!!

Hello, everybody and a big Happy 25th Birthday to the GameBoy!!! In Europe on September 28, 1990 the Gameboy was released. We are asking, do you remember 1989? Well, I do that Christmas was the year my game went on the road. The GameBoy was created by Gunpei Yokoi and Nintendo Research & Development …

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