REVO K101 Plus: A different way to play all your favorite Game Boy Advance cartridges and more

While browsing the net, I run across the Revo K101 plus it’s a new take on one of my favorite handheld consoles the Game Boy Advance. What really caught my attention about this product is you can play all our original GBA cartridges and it even lets you play backups via k-cartridge. It also supports GBA link cable, cheat codes and TV out via AV cables which is a plus in my book. The Display looks very well lit compared to older models of the GBA and it also has emulators in it to play NES, PC Engine (aka TG16), and Sega Master System. The Revo K101 plus only cost $69.99 plus shipping of course.


“The Revo k101 team has developed a (SoC), system of chip design that lets the Revo K101 to run Homebrew and GBA ROMs on actual hardware. The K-Team sells the product (SoC and its firmware) to interested manufacturers. It is the manufacturer to decide how to implement the SoC, including form factor, ability to accept firmware updates, K-Card interface device, and the kind of hardware.”


  • Full compatibility with normal hardware GBA games and ROMs
  • Support for official GBA cartridges
  • Support for pirated GBA cartridges
  • Official and Unofficial GBA link cable support (K101-K101, K101-K1 GBA SP, K101-GBA)
  • Cheat support (GBA .CHT files)
  • Support for standard 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • TV-out via a 2.5 mm AV cable
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) functionality
  • MP3 playback functionality
  • Battery – Nokia clone BL-58 3.7v 890mAh Li-ion rechargeable


  • 1x Revo k101 plus crystal blue
  • 1x USB charger
  • 1x TV-OUT cable
  • 1x K-card

You check out the REVO K101 PLUS here.

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  1. I have a Revo and I love it. Plays games just fine.

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