Welcome to project Nintendo Guide!


When I first talked to Hackinformer back some years ago, I came to him with an idea of creating a simple guide to help people making more out of their PSPs & Vitas. He was down for the idea immediately, I became part of hackinformer.com and with the time a blogger and even co-admin. Though I never liked writing, I somehow get back to it now and then, like right now, but thats another story.

Well however, in the end I always kept on working on this very guide and added more PlayStation devices. Today, as you all probably and hopefully know, we have the PlayStationGuide as a main part of our website! If you still don’t know WTF I am talking about here, just go see yourself.. 😉



Getting to the point

Well as hackinformer.com steadily grew within the last years we aren’t just informing about PlayStation exclusive topics anymore but extended our fields and got alot of new ground to cover. I personally got good feedback with my guide-project and requests for more! And thats basically why I started to work on the counterpart to what I just talked about, for quite some time now. Today I am proud to present to you..

Welcome to the NintendoGuide..


Puhh.. finally! Well jokes aside, we are still at the beginning and there are probably still some mistakes and unfinished parts for which I need your help to find, fix and complete. So please just go ahead, use & test everything and let me know in the comments or via mail. Normally I hate releasing half-finished and not 100% perfect things but under this circumstances and the complexity of this project, why not. I will give my best to make this, become as complete and perfect as possible!


Note: Also don’t get confused with some results as we are trying to suggest you brick-save and easy hacks & methods first! Missing options might be added later with appropriate warning messages and tutorials.


Credits & Thanks

In the end all thats left for me to say is thank you to:

Hackinformer for always helping and supporting me
8BitBang for answering all my questions and testing the 3DS section
Dessel for being my personal grammar nazi & ghostwriter 😉
d33f for initially helping with the guide
Darthsternie for testing the DS section
KanadeEngel for testing the Wii/WiiU section
and probably some more people I forgot about!! – Thanks guys!

If you want to give some feedback, please feel free to do so:
E-Mail: freakler@hotmail.com
Twitter: @freakler94

About Freakler

Moin! Occasional programmer, number 2 here at hackinformer.com & creator of the PlayStationGuide. I mainly talk about console-hacking related stuff..


  1. Looks impressive despite the only Nintendo console I currently own is the Wii.

  2. Great work! Any idea of pushing it to Github? It makes contributing a bit easier 🙂

    I would suggest to include the version number when speaking of “up to newest firmware” incase the guide will ever fall a bit behind.

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