Flash News: EZ-FLASH IV Kernel 2.00 released

The EZ Flash IV may be old and many don’t even own an original Gameboy Advance or NDS anymore but for those who do and own an EZ Flash IV, a new great update dropped today. Normally you would need to patch some of your Games as they would otherwise not work with this flashcard but thanks to this new release you can now just drag and drop your ROM to your EZ Flash IV and start playing as ROM Patching is done one the fly now.

There are a few notes about this release though as noted by GBATemp member Localhorst86:
“Launching games in PSRAM seems considerably slower than before, presumably because of the patching routines.”
“The patching routines don’t seem to fix Anti-Piracy measures as implemented in the Classic NES Series or the Dragon Ball Z Saga games.”

This means that in order to play Games with Anti-Piracy measures you’ll still have t patch them manually to be able to play them and also that auto patching will NOT add the soft-reset patch so if you want the soft reset patch enabled you will still have to manually patch your games.

So how do I update my EZ Flash IV?
Download the new Firmware from their official website.
Extract the .zip file and copy the ezfla_up.bin to your SDCard.
Now when the EZ Flash IV starts hold R to update the Kernel.

It’s rather nice seeing a GBA Flashcard still getting support in 2017 and let’s hope they also implement a settings option that will allow you to automatically patch the soft-reset button combination.

Source: RepRep, GBATemp

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