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3DS: Exploits Updated to support FW10.4

First let me state if your currently running FW10.3 stay there wait for future development to unfold! The 3DS scene never seems to take a break and that’s great for you new 3DS adopters. Yellows8 have gone above and beyond to update his extremely popular MenuHax, BrowserHax and OOT3DHax. These …

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3DS: What to expect from FW 10.4

Like all good things in life everything must come to end in some kind of way. Make no mistake Nintendo will not sit back and ignore the mass piracy that comes from any homebrew scene. Some 3DS devs have looked into the upcoming 3DS firmware 10.4. Nintendo has now implemented …

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3DS: SafeSysUpdater is in development

For those of you who waited for safer downgrading options, your patience has paid off. GBATemp user cpasjuste has taken the time to develop a safer forked version of SysUpdater. This version is even highly regarded by JustPingo and that’s great to hear 🙂 People with Hard Modded 3DS systems …

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3DS: EmuNAND9Tool [Open Source SD Card Manager]

GBATemp User d0k3 has made available a very unique piece of software for setting up emuNAND. The great thing about this solution, the ability to setup your SD card for CFW use. Its not only a PC free option but has better options than Gateway’s own software. EmuNAND9Tool is licensed …

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3DS: Is sysUpdater 0.4.2b worth it to downgrade??

Let me begin by stating we are here for providing information to help you out and not lead in a troublesome situation. Many people are quick to release rushed tutorials without properly testing everything or give all the precautions needed. The chances of one person having all variations of 3ds …

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3DS: JustPingo reveals KernelTimeMachine

JustPingo posted some TTP files on a certain site to be used with the upcoming application KernelTimeMachine. This application allows New 3DS users on FW 10.3 to downgrade to the more vulnerable FW 9.2. As of right now this application is still in testing and is not in a stable …

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