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3DS: What to expect from FW 10.4

Like all good things in life everything must come to end in some kind of way. Make no mistake Nintendo will not sit back and ignore the mass piracy that comes from any homebrew scene. Some 3DS devs have looked into the upcoming 3DS firmware 10.4. Nintendo has now implemented …

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3DS: SafeSysUpdater is in development

For those of you who waited for safer downgrading options, your patience has paid off. GBATemp user cpasjuste has taken the time to develop a safer forked version of SysUpdater. This version is even highly regarded by JustPingo and that’s great to hear 🙂 People with Hard Modded 3DS systems …

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Windows 95 running on the 3DS

The 3DS community is on a roll and I’m loving the momentum people. First the 3DS receives a port of Linux and now enter Windows 95!!! GBATemp user Shutterbug2000 has Windows 95 on the New 3DS running successfully. Windows 95 runs ok for what the New 3DS offers and as …

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