Gateway 3DS discusses their downgrading option to FW9.2

Well, Well, Gateway 3DS has big plans to allow downgrading FW10.3 to FW9.2 and will support both models of the 3DS. It was only a matter of time before someone else stepped to the plate to evaluate their own plan on downgrading. This is good news for everyone who was patiently waiting.


We now have two options that are safer than SysUpdater being developed for the 3DS community to use. If you ever planned on getting a New 3DS now would definitely be the best time to get one. Then setup the homebrew launcher and give yourself an option use Gateway’s software. You don’t need a Gateway Card to take advantage of the downgrading feature. With these downgrading options in the works, you can really take advantage of my free CFW tutorials. Here’s what Gateway had to say on the matter.
Currently there exist homebrew methods to downgrade from 10.3 to 9.2, allowing you to use your Gateway card already.
But the downgrade method is not recommended as it is error prone, dangerous and can lead to bricking.
We would like to provide our users with a more safe method, and this is one of the things we are working on.   – Team Gateway

Of course, you, Gateway Users can update your emuNAND to 10.4 on both the new and old 3DS systems using their latest Beta. Here’s their current changelog if your wondering what new under the hood.

  • Latest emunand support (10.4) for both o3ds and n3ds
  • In-game menu fixed for certain games (Centipede)
  • SAV backup and restore added again for CIA games and SaveDataFile
  • L button hex and decimal switch too fast fixed in exact cheat search

I hope most of you waited for more options as the 3DS community is all about multiple choices. Spread the news and leave your comments below on the matter. Get N or Get Out!


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  1. Excuse me. You said there two ways beyond Sysupdater to downgrade. One the one GW is developing. But, which one is the other one? The JustPingo’s KernelTimeMachine? I heard that guy is really a liar.

    • He has done a lot of research to get SysUpdater where it’s at. At the very least give him the credit where it’s due. Even if he doesn’t release anything, he has helped the community to a certain degree. All we can do is wait and see what the future brings. Patience is a virtue my friend

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