Gateway 3DS releases emunand (10.3) support for New 3DS!

A few weeks ago gateway said they had something big for it’s users that own a New 3DS, well today they have delivered New 3DS emunand support for later firmware versions after 9.6. Now the New 3DS can have emuands on 10.3. and that mean access back to the eshop. nintendo-eshop-downloads

Here is what their official release had to say;

Today we are back with another BIG update! Let’s see what is new:

That’s right! From the start, we promised you New 3DS emunand support for later firmware versions after 9.6, and today is that day!

We always deliver and with this new update you can finally update emunand on New 3DS to the latest 10.3 firmware!

We also fixed a bug in when trying to edit an existing cheat code from the cheat config menu, as it was not always showing the proper code.

That’s it for now, and more to come soon!

And as always, ENJOY!

   Latest emunand (10.3) support for New 3DS!

     Cheat code edit bug fixed

Download new firmware here:

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  1. So its safe to update O3DS to emunand 10.3?

  2. I have waited so long. God bless Gateway. Always the innovators, yet the imitators wish they could get hax like these, so they just take gateways’ hax. Glad to see them delivering on their promises once more. In response to KaTreek that has been possible for a while iirc, should be safe.

  3. It is not working for me i have updated the Old 3DS xl with the 3ds firmware 10.3.26 U but there is no use i can play my games anymore sadly.

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