3DS: What to expect from FW 10.4

Like all good things in life everything must come to end in some kind of way. Make no mistake Nintendo will not sit back and ignore the mass piracy that comes from any homebrew scene. Some 3DS devs have looked into the upcoming 3DS firmware 10.4. Nintendo has now implemented a new clever feature to burden you with. Now all applications that have updates will require you to re-download them to start the applications. This will indefinitely kill off IronHax in 10.4 and later firmware releases. This may not be the case for all games but Iron Fall is confirmed by Smea himself.

Users on FW10.3 – 9.3 stay there until Kernel Time Machine releases or if you can’t wait use SysUpdater. Whatever you decide, don’t update to FW10.4. CFW users on FW9.2 – 4.X, I highly recommend not to update your current emuNAND until CFW teams confirm its safe todo so. At the moment there’s no telling what kind of wrenches Nintendo plans to throw in the emuNAND development. If you recall Nintendo has set the 3DS community back by introducing FW9.5. During this time frame, updating your emuNAND on New 3DS greeted users with black screens.  Be patient and enjoy the current content you have. Spread the news and keep everyone informed in the loop.

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  1. Please stop speaking over KTM, this will never come JustPingo is a timewaster

  2. I’m running 4 3DS’s and 2 2DS’s on 10.4 in emunand with no issue. I use rxTools. Just FYI before anyone asks.